Many thanks to all the people who have sent me the official shortlist problems and solutions for various years.

The IMO has now become an elaborate business. Each country is free to propose problems. The problems proposed form the longlist. It is usually over a hundred problems. The Problems Selection Committee chooses a shortlist of around 20-30 problems from the longlist. The longlist is not published, so that problems which do not make the shortlist remain confidential and can be used for other competitions. The Jury makes the final selection from the shortlist. This typically occurs in the few days before the papers are taken. The shortlist questions are not released until just after the following year's IMO, so that they can be used for training etc. [So IMO 2002 shortlist questions will not be available until July 2003.] In practice a few early longlists are around on the net (maybe the rules used to be different), but I do not have any on this site (and do not really want them, because it will not be possible to get a complete set).

The problems in this archive do not include shortlist problems which were actually used in the IMO. There are currently about 350 problems and 210 solutions in this archive. I have put up solutions for all or most of the problems in each of the years 1985, 1988-9, 1991, 1994-6, 1998-2001. I have also got the official solutions for 1993, which I will put up in due course. Any solutions for 1983, 1990, 1992, and 1997 would be welcome. I am unlikely to have time to solve them myself anytime soon.

Any help in finding the missing problems, 1971-82, 1984, 1986, and 1987 would be gratefully received. I am currently translating two Russian books. They are part of a series which were published annually (and perhaps still are) giving the IMO problems and at least some of the shortlist problems. I have the 1968 and 1971 editions. Does anyone have any years in the period 1972-82?



extracts 1959-1967a   pdf
all shortlists 71-82 missing!
shortlist 1983   pdf
shortlist 1984 missing!
shortlist 1985   pdf
shortlist 1986 missing!
shortlist 1987 missing!
shortlist 1988   pdf
shortlist 1989   pdf
shortlist 1990   pdf
shortlist 1991   pdf
shortlist 1992   pdf
shortlist 1993   pdf
shortlist 1994   pdf
shortlist 1995   pdf
shortlist 1996   pdf
shortlist 1997   pdf
shortlist 1998   pdf
shortlist 1999   pdf
shortlist 2000   pdf
shortlist 2001   pdf


The book "300 défis mathématiques", by Mohammed Aassila, Ellipses 2001, ISBN 272980840X contains 300 shortlist problems with solutions (all in French). There are 3 problems before 1981, 5 from 1981 and the rest are from 1983 to 2000. There are none for 1986. For the other years there are between half and all the problems.  
John Scholes
11 Oct 2002
Last updated 2 Jan 2003